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"In order to write about life first you must live it." – Ernest Hemingway

Life is a beautiful journey that has unique colors and shades to offer each person blessed with it. We all have different stories and experiences to offer as we live. Sharing your story of a lifetime journey and knowing the experience of your family can be more than thrilling. The biography is a treasure that is made easy with the Popomomom Autobiography app.
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Did you know you can choose someone to be your Personal Biographer?

They'll help write your biography after you finish anwsering the questions in Popopmomom App.
Kiddo Happy Family
Kiddo Happy Family

About Popopmomom TM

Popopmomom is an app where we ask you about your childhood, education, career, experiences, habits, etc. and use that information to compose a biography of your life.

You can share your story with as many people you want. We would love to see you passing on your wisdom to future generations.

We use an AI Bot that verbally interviews you and recognizes information from your spoken answers to automatically create your biography.

Grandparents can either use the iOS/Android apps on their smartphone or just call our AI Bot on the phone to speak with it like they would with a real person to answer their biography interview questions.

Our Features

Our Features

Sign Up

All you need to sign up and start getting connected to family members is a phone number. Log in with your phone number and get set to compile your family bibliographies in mesmerizing words.


Share Your Biography

Pay the one-time fee to share a biography, created in Popopmomom, with your loved one. Invite as many as relatives to create their bibliography by simply offering their contact number. Built your family tree stronger and full of memories with our life story library.


View Stories

After the Popopmomom AI Bot creates a biography, the creator can view, listen to, and share it with family members.Our reliable AI software gathers all the needed information of the person sharing their experience and represents it at best.


Stay Connected

Keep sharing your biography and connecting your family.Popopmomom aims to build a strong connecting bridge from one generation to other. We bind families and help them to hold on to the wisdom of their loved ones even after they leave the world.

Download App
Download App

Why choose Popopmomom

Our easy-to-use designs are convenient enough to even operate by your grandparents who are far away from today’s technology.
Our smart AI bots let you type or voice over your life journey. We guide and build questions to put your experiences in words.
We let you share and invite as many relatives and friends as you wish to connect and be a part of your family library.
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Popopmomom App

Download the Popopmomom TM App

Grandparents - your biography is automatically composed by an AI Bot that verbally interviews you and recognizes information from your spoken answers.

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Ask Your Grandchildren to Download the Kiddoflock TM App

They can then view the biography you share with them.

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