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Connect with your family by recording and passing on your wisdom and knowledge to them.
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About Popopmomom TM

Popopmomom is an app where we ask you about your childhood, education, career, experiences, habits, etc. and use that information to compose a biography of your life.

You can share your story with as many people you want. We would love to see you passing on your wisdom to future generations.

We use an AI Bot that verbally interviews you and recognizes information from your spoken answers to automatically create your biography.

Our Features

Our Features

Sign Up

All you need to sign up and start getting connected to family members is a phone number.


Send A Subscription

Pay the one-time fee to request or grant access to a Popopmomom profile.


View Stories

After the Popopmomom AI Bot creates a biography, the creator can view, listen to, and share it with family members on the Kiddoflock app.


Stay Connected

All Living Link apps show you a list of your shares and help you grow your connections while building a stronger bond with your family.

Download App
Download App

You can share your memories with your grandchildren directly through the app or have them send an invite to you. Your privacy is our primary concern, so nobody can see your profile without your permission.

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Have them record and share their memories with you.

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Ask your grandchildren to use Kiddoflock TM App

Start listening to your grandparents’ memories.